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Ham Radio is becoming more popular amongst Youngsters
American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources
  • Preparations Underway for W1AW/KH8 Operation from American Samoa

    An advance party of sorts was in American Samoa this week, scouting possible location for the upcoming W1AW/KH8 operation. The team expects the ARRL Centennial W1AW portable operation from American Samoa to get underway November 2 and continue for about 12 days.

    John Kennon, N7CQQ, Paul Playford, W8AEF, and Clifford Hauser,...

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Catch the "AT8LH" Station

This week end of 16th/17th August, will be very interesting for those of you who hunt lighthouses.
AT8LH from Mahabalipuram Lighthouse  Old(IND-011) and New (IND-016) would be activated by a group of amateurs from BARC/LCI Please try to have a QSO and do not engage into a rag-chew, so that AT8LH cn have many QSOs, within the short time at their disposal.
Information update on website

Welcome to, your HAM Radio Summit.

Hello friends,


Here is a quick way to post the content... Goto FORUMS, select appropriate Topic Group and create a NEW THREAD. The latest post on this will automatically appear on the front page of the website. (Right now it is appearing as a TABLE... I will modify the same to appear as a content soon....)


73's DE VU3SPQ / Sunny

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Morse Code Conversion Link
Here is the link of two websites where you can convert morse code to text or morse code to Mp3. Di..di..di..dah..dah....dah....di..di..di for all the ring tone companies !

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Broadband over Power Line is a biggest threat to Amateur Radio.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently released their "Notice of Proposed Rule Making" (NPRM) regarding the implementation of a new service to place digital communications for Internet linking over the power line distribution grid that supplies local residences and businesses. On the face of things your first reaction might be, 'gee what a good idea'. From an engineering standpoint however, and from the aspect of how it is going to affect Ham radio as well as other licensed communications services that use the High Frequency (HF), as well as lower Very High Frequency (VHF) radio spectrum, it's a surprisingly bad idea!

Check out this 8:34 Min video from VK7TW.

Morse Code v/s Text Messaging

Morse Code, a 170 years old Technology....still wins over the very latest Text messaging (SMS). Enjoy the video!

Your IP and DNS information
Check here to know more information about your IP address, DNS and other relevant information.
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